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Great Day at the Quarterly Art Soirée!

13 Jul

Yesterday I spent all day and most of the night showing my work at the Webster Hall Quarterly Art Soirée showing my lovely ladies; The Hunter, The Surgeon, and the Executioner.  It was a day filled with exciting performances, great music, and lots of Amazing art.  All in all, a great way to spend my Sunday!

The Quarterly Art Soirée (The QAS) was founded to exhibit, expose, and promote the best talent in painting, music, film, fashion, theater, graphic design, performance, installation and video art while celebrating the rich cultural history of the Webster Hall venue.  The QAS seeks to showcase art in a vibrant and unassuming manner so that the form is not held to the traditional pedestals of the “white-cube” gallery, sleek runway, or classic stage.  Rather, the prospective spectator may witness the creations as an organic part of a communal environment – where not one thing is set apart from another – and where art may fuse with everyday life.

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