Abandoned Building Shoot with Gretchen Heinel

19 Jul

Last Sunday I had the chance to work with a great team of people in an absolutely amazing location.   We shot at an abandoned building about an hour north of NYC, and it was a long but fun day. I’ll let my behind the scenes photos speak for themselves, though…

Warning, slideshow does contain some nudity

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Sasha Performs wearing Gilding Primal Instinct!

16 Jul

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of making a custom headpiece for Sasha, a Russian pop singer who has taken her career international.  She’s recently been performing at events all over NYC, including the official after party to New York’s gay pride parade. Take a look at her singing and dancing in my metal!

For more information about Sasha take a look at http://SashaNow.com

RAW Artists Showcase “Unearthed”

12 May

About two weeks ago I showed my work in a live model installation at the RAW Artists Showcase “Unearthed” at Soiree Lounge in the Lower East Side. It was a fun night filled with art and entertainment of all kinds.

Take a Look:

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Also be sure to take a look at the videos and interviews taken throughout the event.

My interview can be found here: Gilding Primal Instinct Interview

And the event recap can be found here: RAW New York City “Unearthed”

I had the pleasure of working with a really great group of people, so take a look at them, too!

Photography: Randyll Wendl
Model (Hunter1): Kat J Adams
Model (Hunter2): Paige Morgan
Model (Surgeon): Reagan Porter
Model (Executioner): Valerie Flynn
Model (Guardian): Elizabeth Mormile
Video: Lisa Stanley
Organization: RAW Artists

Got Character? Goemon

26 Apr

Want a truly awesome movie experience? You don’t want to miss this one!

After having watched so many Asian action movies, I’ve felt like they were all melding together, making me a bit bored with the entire genre… Not the case with this one! Goemon kept me entranced from the very first scene.  The film follows the fairytale-like story of a Japanese Robin Hood character who helps shape the future of the nation.

Aside from having some really compelling action and drama, this movie is BEAUTIFUL.  On a mere $7 million budget this visually stunning epic was created using only green screens and a very limited set. The entire world this movie takes place in is computer generated, creating a solid bridge between animation and live action.  In addition, the character design and costumes were incredible. I couldn’t wait to see what they’d be wearing each scene!

Here are just a FEW of my favorites:

Got Character? Xena: Warrior Princess

21 Apr

For the first installation of “Got Character?” I’ve decided to feature one of my childhood favorites; Xena Warrior Princess.  My Netflix account and I have grown very close since I started working such long hours in my studio, so I took the time to revisit the show I would always cancel my Friday night plans for.  It’s campy and ridiculous, the good guys always win, nobody important ever dies without coming back to life within a couple episodes, and you just have to love it for what it is…

Plus, the costuming is badass!

Take a Look…

New Feature: Got Character?

20 Apr

To spice up the blog, I wanted to add a couple regular features to give you some insight into my inspiration and creative process.

I’m starting things off with one titled Got Character? that will explore character design in film.  When I first began creating my collection I was very inspired by how costume and accessories are meticulously designed to support the development of a character’s personality in these mediums.  In so many ways their appearance is just as important as the writing and direction.  In my collection, the pieces are designed to immediately transform the wearer into a character and create a visceral reaction in the viewer.  The films I feature in this section are ones that created the very same reaction in me.

Upcoming Events: Unearthed

14 Apr

Exciting news! I’ve been invited to showcase the Gilding Primal Instinct collection at the RAW Artists Showcase “Unearthed”.

Here’s the flyer for event details:

For More Details and to Buy Tickets go to:  http://www.rawartists.org/newyork/unearthed

**Remember to purchase tickets under “Gilding Primal Instinct” in the drop down menu.  The last two RAW New York showcases sold out, so make sure to buy tickets in advance!

Doors open at 8:00pm on April 27th. There will be a gallery hour from 8:00pm-9:00pm where I’ll be showing my work on live models and selling items from my ready to wear collection.

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