Got Character? Goemon

26 Apr

Want a truly awesome movie experience? You don’t want to miss this one!

After having watched so many Asian action movies, I’ve felt like they were all melding together, making me a bit bored with the entire genre… Not the case with this one! Goemon kept me entranced from the very first scene.  The film follows the fairytale-like story of a Japanese Robin Hood character who helps shape the future of the nation.

Aside from having some really compelling action and drama, this movie is BEAUTIFUL.  On a mere $7 million budget this visually stunning epic was created using only green screens and a very limited set. The entire world this movie takes place in is computer generated, creating a solid bridge between animation and live action.  In addition, the character design and costumes were incredible. I couldn’t wait to see what they’d be wearing each scene!

Here are just a FEW of my favorites:


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